Refund Policy

Version from 20/04/2023

This Agreement is part of the BeBoXe TV end User Terms of Use ( and sets forth the terms and conditions for refunds.

  1. If you made a payment but the services were not provided, you are entitled to demand a refund of the money paid.

  2. In order to claim a refund send your application to The email shall be sent from the address specified in your account. You may claim a refund within 30 days from the date you found out or should have found out the reasons for a refund.

  3. In order to process the refund you shall provide a detailed description of the circumstances which led to the request for a refund, and provide an electronic receipt which confirms your payment, and if necessary - the confirmation of your identity.

  4. After we receive all the necessary information we will conduct an investigation, and if the circumstances detailed by you will be confirmed, the refund will be processed within 60 business days after our decision on refund. Usually we return the money way faster, but can not exclude the delays related to refund policies of the payment systems.

  5. The refunds are transferred to the banking card which was used for making the initial payment. If the refund to the same card is technically impossible, we will request information on the details of your other card. Refunds to the third-party cards or cash are not available.

  6. No refunds will be given if: (a) access was provided without a charge (b) if the inability to use the service was due to the use of software or equipment incompatible with the BeBoXe TV service, or if you are found to have violated the user agreement.

  7. Donations, which may be provided to BeBoXe TV, in any case are non-refundable.

  8. All obligations and liability related to refunds lie solely on the content rightholder. BeBoXe TV is not liable for deposits and refunds.

  9. You must send BeBoXe TV any legal notices by email to